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How the Kangaroos got their tails

In the early days, in the dreamtime, there were two Kangaroos.  One came from the hills, the other from the plains.  The plains Kangaroo was a big Kangaroo with long arms and long legs.  The hill Kangaroo was a small Kangaroo with short arms and short legs.

One day the short Kangaroo found some sugarbag in a a hole in a rock.  He rally liked this bush honey so he reached just inside the hole and pulled out a handful of sugarbag.  Mmmmm.  It was good tucker!  Now, that big Kangaroo was pretty hungry for sugarbag himself.  The short Kangaroo said, 'Reach right in and get some.'  So that big Kangaroo out his long arms deep into the hole and pulled out a handful of SPIDERS!!  UGH!.  'Try again,' said the short kangaroo.

The big Kangaroo reached in again and pulled out more spiders.  But the short Kangaroos kept reaching just inside the hole and pretty soon he'd eaten all the sugarbag himself.

The big Kangaroo got wild and soon they started to hit each other on the head with sticks. The big Kangaroo finally ran away but the short Kangaroo threw his stick and it stuck right into that Kangaroo.  This made the big Kangaroo even more wild and he threw his stick.  It stuck into the short Kangaroo.  They both took off back into their own country and when you see them today, you will remember how they got their tails.

Story by George Mung Mung Lirrmiyarri of the Warmun Community, Turkey Creek.  W.A.